01 Dec

Video is an Important Part of Your Advertising Campaign

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| Written by  Russel Cook

When it comes to online marketing, the secret to a successful campaign is to integrate your message into the daily usage habits of your users. It makes sense then that one of the most effect methods of marketing right now has to do with the two things that seemingly everybody does online at least once a day: social media and watching videos.

A social video campaign is effective because when done successfully, viewers don’t feel like they’re being advertised or sold to, they feel entertained and that inspires them to handle the actual spreading of your message on their own. They’ll share video with friends, family, co-workers, anybody that they think might be interested.

Whether your campaign is based on Youtube, Vimeo, or even Vine, there are always practices and guidelines that should be followed to have the best shot of being seen. We have an infographic, provided by SmartTollFreeNumber.com, that will show you five of the biggest players in the social video landscape, and what their users expect out of videos found with their service.

So whether you want to conquer Instagram Video or just tap into the giant user base of Youtube, do your homework beforehand, appeal to the crowd, and above all else create something worth watching. The rest can fall into place surprisingly easily.

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