18 Aug

Don’t Forget Social Sharing When Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

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New data from Adobe on how videos are shared on Twitter and Facebook highlights the importance of incorporating social sharing into your client’s video marketing and online strategy.


This segment of the Adobe report (via Marketing Charts), has several key points to consider when working on a video marketing strategy. First we see that Facebook and Twitter dominate social sharing referrals(the data support previous analyses that also showed high engagement on Facebook). It’s also worth noting that videos are 3X more likely be shared on Twitter than any other type of content. As part of their analysis, Adobe draws the conclusion that more is better:

Offering more video content is one key to unlocking the value of social media. Brands should create more video for use in social marketing and publishers should increase social media marketing efforts to attract more engaged digital video viewers.

However, the reality is that merely creating content is only part of a video marketing strategy, videos should be integrated into your client’s larger marketing and social media strategy as well. While the Adobe report is on the right track—creating content is important—it’s the integration of the videos that will win the day and ensure that your client’s investment in video has a positive ROI.

Consider these data from Adobe together with recent data on the number of times videos appear in universal search results and how many of those videos are hosted on YouTube, and you can piece together how important—perhaps essential—that you don’t just create video, but you:

- Put them on a custom-branded YouTube channel

- Embed them in blog posts and related website pages

- Share them on Twitter

- Share them on Facebook pages

This strategy ensures that your client’s videos will have the widest possible audience, potential reach, and greatest likelihood of being shared online.

Content might be king, but sharing is how the battle is fought and the war won.

Adobe created a summary of their report with a focus on where advertisers should put ads in videos, but in the first half of the video you also get a sense of the  immense potentialof video—especially for mobile users—and how video is truly shaping content creation strategies:


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